About Maximilian

Get some TLC for your home with Maximilian Carpentry and Joinery

Passion and style

Handmade furniture made with passion for people with passion

Furniture made with passion
for people with passion

We have been in the business of bespoke carpentry and joinery for over ten years and we certainly know what we are doing.

We treat our clients with love and we do it all to deliver our work with top quality and precision.

Passion and experience

With the recent improvements we have made and the new production facility we acquired in London we can now provide the amazing quality people seek.

A passionate team of carpenters and specialists who can deliver and execute with precision and accuracy.

We put a lot of love in our work and we do love what we do – each project we deliver is a piece of art.

Perfection is the key

High precision is the the key to every good product and we know it.

Our exceptional work is accurate and precise and that’s what makes it look so good.

We strive to satisfy our clients and leave them wanting more and that’s the key to success.